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Duracoat HTR Series

Duracoat HTR Series


These coating Finishes are manufactured from good quality heat resistance polymers. These coating grades heat resistance is from 120 to 600 degree celcius in particular colour shades. These coatings are solvent based and available in various types of colours.


These coating grades are applicable for Appliances, Cookware, Electrical appliances, Automobile Engine Components, Industrial and other Engineering Components.

  • HTR Black I 1300.241.1000
  • HTR Red II 1300.261.300
  • HTR Silver 1300.261.54
  • HTR Silver Hammer tone 1300.241.54
  • HTR Maroon Hammer tone 1300.241.51
  • HTR Blue Metallic 1300.241.52

These coatings are resistant to Oil and Detergent, Boiling water and exhibit Good hardness even at high temperature.