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Duracoat NonStick Series

Duracoat NonStick Series


These coatings are manufactured with PTFE / PFA / FEP materials. These are water based coatings. These are FDA approved coatings, which can be applied for equipments of food Industries.


The coatings are applicable on Kitchen Utensils, Biscuit & Bakery Equipments, Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipments, Food, Dairy and Beverages Manufacturing Equipments.

  • Basecoat Black I 1000.20.1000
  • Basecoat Black II 1000.10.1000
  • Topcoat Black Metallic I1000.80.1001
  • Topcoat Black Metallic II 1000.40.1000
  • Topcoat Black Sparkle 1000.40.1001
  • Nonstick Black Single coat 1000.301.1000
  • Nonstick Black Single coat 1000.251.1000

These coatings have excellent non-stick properties and are heat resistant.